We are a manufacturer of precision microfabrication of metals.

  • Leads for electronic components

  • Leads for various lamp electrodes

  • Leads for HID lamp electrode for automobiles

  • Crystal oscillator parts

  • Leads for exhaust gas oxygen sensor for automobiles

  • Leads for airtight terminal for sensor

  • Parts for snaps for fishing gear

  • Leads for capacitors

  • Leads for gas sensor electrodes

We support our customers from a different perspective than conventional processing methods by making full use of the multiple technologies we have cultivated over many years.
The latest Technology
Our Best Recommended Technique
As semiconductor chips become more integrated, wire diameters of 0.5 mm (wire diameters) are 0.5 mm to accommodate increasing terminal numbers and narrow pitches. We have developed ultra-fine forging pins for connection terminals using processing technology that applies our own micro header to 05 mm wire material. Since the material flow by forging can be controlled in units of 1 micron, it can handle more complex shapes of T-shaped shape pins, with even more stable quality.
Technical Expertise
Making full use of knowledge over about 100 years of company history, we are proposing different processing that have changed our perspective.
  • 溶接加工

    – Welding processing –

    ◯Resistance welding two pieces(1 spots welding)
  • フォーミング加工

    – Forming processing –

    ◯Forming lead  ◯Anchor lead  ◯Ag solder
  • 鍛造加工

    – Forging processing –

    ◯header lead  ◯middle flange pin  ◯two stages flange pin  ◯minimal forging
  • 切線 通常カット、ファインカット

    – Fine cut processing –

    ◯cut line(regular cut, fine cut)
  • 複合加工

    – Composite processing –

    ◯Welding+Stamping  ◯Welding+Forging  ◯Forging+Brazing  ◯Forging+Cutting
Reduce Cost
Contact Tsuritani if there are any processing cost problems
Reduction in cost is possible through our various techniques that we have cultivated over many years.
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